Our Approach

The focus in this Chiropractic office is on structure and its effect on the function of that structure. The most import aspect of Gonstead analysis is the ability of the doctor to know when not to adjust and when the body is in the healing stages. The analysis of the nervous system aids the Gonstead Chiropractor is the decision. Chiropractic care is a healthy habit and just as most healthy habits are continual in nature, so is specific neurological chiropractic care.

Our Story

Adjusted Chiropractic Center opened their doors December 2016.  Dr. Nathan McClain attended Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Before chiropractic care was in his life, Dr. McClain was a deputy sheriff for San Juan County.  His wife Lisa, works at the office as the office manager, but is also a retired Dental Hygienist.  They have two children, Hudson and Harper.  Both Nathan and Lisa are from Aztec, NM and both graduated from Aztec High School in 1999.

Meet the Owners

We work and live in Aztec.  We are from Aztec!  We are so excited to help this community through Chiropractic Care.  We became very involved with chiropractic when I was a deputy sheriff.  Long hours of riding in a car with a bullet proof vest and all my gear made for a daily back ache.  Chiropractic care helped with this pain and also opened my eyes to how I could help my community further.  Once I was immersed in chiropractic care, I stopped suffering from asthma.  No longer did I need the Albuterol or the steroid inhaler.  This was life changing!  Alongside my relief, our children stopped having ear infections once they started chiropractic care.  It is amazing what our bodies can do once we help align them properly to allow the nervous system to function properly.

family pic

Nathan & Lisa McClain


Dr. McClain is proud to have the opportunity to serve his community through chiropractic care.  He knows personally the influence chiropractic can have on the nervous system and allowing the body to function properly.  Nathan and Lisa McClain are from Aztec.  They both graduated in 1999.  They went to college then re-connected when they graduated.  They were married in 2003.

They worked and lived in the area until chiropractic influenced the family to change careers and pursue a new venture in chiropractic. They have two children, Hudson and Harper.  They will most likely be in the clinic around your appointment time.

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